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game of life
Conway's Game of Life

-Space to toggle pause
-Left or right arrow to increase or decrease speed

You can edit the map while the game is paused by clicking on the screen

Credit: Darkrentin
A bit of history:
Conway's Game of Life is a famous cellular automaton invented by the British mathematician John Horton Conway in 1970. The game takes place on a square grid composed of cells that can be either alive or dead. At each step, the state of each cell is updated based on the state of its eight immediate neighbors, according to simple and deterministic rules. These rules lead to complex and unpredictable evolutions, which can result in stable configurations, oscillators, spaceships, and even structures capable of simulating a Turing machine. The Game of Life has fascinated generations of mathematicians, programmers, and curious individuals, and remains a fertile ground for exploration in complexity theory, automata theory, and artificial life science
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